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The Encyclopedia of Deer
OWAA Winner★Best Book Award★
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This book covers all of the 51 species of the deer family, Cervidae, that are found throughout the world. Included are our familiar whitetail, elk, caribou, moose, as well as the little known muntjacs, marsh deer, Chinese water deer, Barasingha, Pudu, etc. The range, status and habits of each species are also covered.

This book is the Winner of the OWAA 2005 Best Book Award (Outdoor Writers' Association of America).


Hard Cover Edition, size 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches

160 pages, 147 color photos, 12 range maps


Book autographed by Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III

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Copyright: Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III
Published by Voyageur Press, 2003